As a woman who has always identified as an outsider, I have a unique viewpoint from which to experience and see people.

For the first half of my career, I travelled the world shooting the great, the good and the glittery for Vogue, The Weekend Guardian & Observer magazines and many others. I thrived on meeting new people and finding new ways to share their stories and capture their whole selves. I learnt to love to work fast, engage with and compose large groups and treat every difficulty as an opportunity to improve.

With the birth of my children, it became harder to balance my career with my caring responsibilities. Learning about the issues faced by so many working mums I was determined to make pictures that show their whole lived experience and campaign for a fairer workplace for everyone.

Now I create images and exhibitions that champion women, and minorities, focussing on the challenges they face in the workplace. Each image is a narrative composition showing the subject both as a professional and how they identify outside work, the tension between these two roles and how they are perceived. I photograph people who face many different issues but rise to these challenges with inspiring determination. The subject chooses each location, the clothes and props, everything about the picture comes from them, they own their story, I try to capture it.

My first exhibition MotherWorks was inspired by the working mums I met raising my own boys. I was able to take my babies on shoots (until they were big enough to dismantle my lighting rig). Many mothers are expected to work like they don’t have kids and parents like they don’t have a job. My portraits are a chaotic combination of work-life and parenting all in one image, the reality of the work/life balancing act performed by working mums every day. Doing 2 full-time jobs, rarely recognised for the role that is arguably more difficult – caring.

CorporateQueer celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. And encourages employers to invite everyone to bring their whole self to work. Showing their energy and determination to be recognised and accepted for all that they are. Each image captures the powerfully positive way queer people face the world, despite the daily bias and ignorance many live through.

50overFifty celebrates amazing working women over 50. They bring experience, wisdom and energy to the world of work and yet can be sidelined and marginalised. Together with these women, I was able to tell a different story about resilience, and ingenuity that smash the tired stereotypes about women over 50, like me : )

I shoot, almost always, using available light, with a 5D mk3. I work quickly encouraging rather than directing. I use humour to make a serious point about acceptance and appreciation. My images are bold and colourful, but behind them is the ongoing struggle for equality that we can only change by working together.

MotherWorks has been shown in The Houses of Parliament for International Women’s Day 2020. It was part of the Royal Photographic Society’s 100 Heroines exhibition and The London Design Trail 2019.
CorporateQueer was on show in Broadgate, in the City of London for Pride 2021 and was shown in the Houses of Parliament for LGBTQ+ history month, February 2023. It will go on show outside Guildhall in the City of London for Pride, June 24th – July 2nd, 2023.
50overFifty is currently on tour in workplaces and offices throughout the UK.


Pub Dogs of London
New British Dandy


Best Portrait at The British Photography Awards 2023

LGBTQ+ event/initiative of the year 2023 at the Link LGBTQ+ Diversity Awards

British Photography Awards 2022 – shortlist

AOP New Comers Award 1995




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